Organized Home Office Wall Unit

Get Your Space in Order With Our Custom Home and Office Organizing Solutions

During your Maximize Your Space consultation we will assess your storage needs and develop a customized organization system. Utilizing a variety of flexible storage solutions with proven strategies that increase productivity, maximize space and minimize clutter, we will present you with a plan that will solve your problems.

Unlike other Productivity Consultants and home organizers we are not tied to (or contracted with) one specific vendor. We strategically set it up this way so that we can truly customize a solution for each and every client. We incorporate resources from the entire marketplace and provide you with a customized solution that fits your interests and lifestyle. When the project is complete you will see that everything really does have a place and is in its place.

Do You Need to Maximize Your Home and Revise Your Living Space?

  • Are you organized?
  • Do you have space to put things, yet they never get put away?
  • Do you look around and wonder: Why do I have so much stuff?
  • Are you overwhelmed with your space?
  • Are you underwhelmed with the prospect of figuring out how to deal/cope with your space?
  • Do you want to press restart and presto magic have a tidy space?
"After PEEL Interiors helped me find our perfect new family home, I decided to update several of our bathrooms, something I would not have considered on my own. They provided finishes that were inline with our interests and style. I'm glad they are available to help keep everything in order. Their maintenance program has saved me countless hours and headaches. We love our new home, our new look and we are 100% committed to PEEL.”

Sustain Your Functional Space with PEEL Interior's Custom Maintenance Program

Congratulations! Your space is tidy, functional, organized and rather dreamy… now what? PEEL Interiors can help you stay on track with our personalized Maintenance Program. We will work with you to identify the appropriate level of services that meet your needs. You can breathe easy knowing that PEEL Interiors is part of your team! With our customized Maintenance Program we will keep your space and systems functioning optimally.

Upon completion of your project we will work with you to determine the timeline needed for ongoing maintenance. These customized visits will help you stick to your commitment and live your life with ease and simplicity.

Who Needs Our Maintenance Program?

  • Do you want your space to continue to look and function like this?
  • Will your space slowly revert to its previous status quo?
  • Would it be beneficial to have a professional help you stay on track?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, call us today to schedule your on-site consultation! 800.574.PEEL

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